CSIT 121 Web Standards

Welcome to Fall 2023 section WDW of csit121.com. Students have been working on thier recipe pages all semester. We will link to all of them around midterm to see how they are progressing!

Fall 2023 CSIT 121 WDW

Students! We will link to your recipe pages once they have been uploaded. Remember, create a folder using your username and put your recipe page and all it's resources in that folder. Your file MUST be called index.html and it should be your folder not a subfolder. See the sample student below.

Note: All links will open in a new tab/window.

  1. Sample User
  2. be1107996
  3. bi1145484
  4. ge1059625
  5. ig1111518
  6. pa1126016
  7. ro1103281
  8. th1143002
  9. va1121087
  10. wa1089880
  11. wil654762